Friday 27th July 2012, 2pm - 9:30pm
Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA, +44 (0)117 9172300 / 01

Alex McLean (Slub & Live Notation Project Leader)

Alex McLean is currently a research fellow at ICSRiM, University of Leeds. His research interests include connecting visual language with musical experience in live improvisation. He co-runs the dorkbotsheffield meetings, the software art repository, the TOPLAP live coding organisation, and the chordpunch generative music record label. As well as being one third of the live coding band Slub, Alex performs with Jake Harries as Silicone Bake.

Brigid Mcleer

Brigid Mcleer, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Coventry University, operates across the felds of visual arts, experimental writing, performance, architecture and critical theory. She is interested in notions of place and exchange and often works with found material or in collaboration with other artists.

Hester Reeve (Live Notation Project Leader)

Hester Reeve, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, navigates her complex relationship as an artist with the world through her conceptual persona HRH.the. Her practice incorporates live art, drawing, writing,philosophy and Bohmian Dialogue. Current works celebrate the incongruency between individual acts of imaginative agency and mass culture/politics.

Dave Griffiths (Slub)

Dave Griffiths was raised on an early education in weaving, bell ringing and 8bit computers. He is now dedicated to changing the world with free software, live animation and noise. He works as a self employed artist/programmer and creates installations, open source software and teaches workshops around the themes of games, music and the lisp programming language.

Kate Sicchio

Kate Sicchio, is a multiplicity. She is a choreographer, media artist, and performer and lecturers in Performing Arts at the University of Lincoln.

Geoff Cox

Geoff Cox is Researcher/Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark, Plymouth University, UK, and adjunct faculty at Transart Institute, DE/US. He is also an occasional artist, writer, and Associate Curator of Online Projects, Arnolfni, and part of the self-institution Museum of Ordure. His research interests lie in the areas of contemporary art and performance, software studies, network culture and a reappraisal of the concept of publicness.

Maria X

Maria Chatzichristodoulou is a cultural practitioner who has worked as a curator, producer, performer, writer and community organiser in a variety of countries. She lectures in Theatre and Performance at the University of Hull and is widely published.

Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and live programmer with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of programming as a form of communication. Currently, Sam leads Improcess, a collaborative research project based at the University of Cambridge, exploring the combination of powerful sound synthesis techniques with tactile and linguistic user interfaces to build new forms of musical device with a high capacity for improvisation. In order to achieve this, Sam is developing Overtone, an Open Source music toolkit with a unique focus on the coordination and collaboration of multiple users which is seeing continued adoption by industry programmers.

Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt is Professor of Performance and Interdisciplinary Art at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and director of Trace Gallery, Cardiff. His output includes performance art, painting, drawing, installation, digital print, video, photography, and relational activity. Stitt is identifed with a strain of performance relating more to visual art and art action [identifed in Stitt's work as "akshun"]. His work focuses on difficult and traumatic themes; issues of oppression, freedom, coercion, subversion, experiences of alienation, appropriation of cultures, globalisation, and communal confict.

Thor Magnusson

Thor Magnusson is a musician who also writes music software and live coding frameworks. With ixi audio he has created various experimental music software, the latest being ixi lang, which will be introduced at Arnolfni. Thor teaches music and sound art at the University of Brighton.

Yuen Fong Ling

Yuen Fong Ling, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, questions the mass consumption and distribution of visual images by re-enacting, re-staging, and re-creating the event of its production using his own and other's bodies. Through this, the artist posits a new reading of the image, folding the artist's and participant's own personal and political narrative. Recent projects include a reconfguring of the conventional life drawing class to explore the spectacle of the Chinese male body in performance and the implication of the viewer.

Wrongheaded - Click Nilson & Matthew Yee-King

Wrongheaded have been playing together for at least twenty minutes. They were formed from a merger of Matthew Yee-King and Click Nilson, for the express purpose of exploring the cross-domain of on-the-fy computing, music, dance, and costumed theatre. The proponents usually operate their bodies and computers at the mercy of live coded instructions, experimenting in algorithmic choreography. Matthew Yee-King lectures in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths University, and Click Nilson is a Swedish codisician of ill repute.

Live Notation is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. For further information about the project please visit