Thursday Club Event at C4CC, Kings Cross, London

Thursday April 19th 10am-1pm
at The Centre for Creative Collaboration
16 Acton Street, London, Greater London (WC1X 9NG)
Registration (free)

“Live Notation – Extending Matters of Performance” is an event exploring the possibilities of relating live coding (performing with programming languages) with live art (performing with actions).  In particular, we confront the possibilities opened up for digital aesthetics, computer music and live art in relation to performed physical labour and its potential temporal resonance through signs and symbols.

The event will be led by Geoff Cox (Digital Urban Living Research Centre, Aarhus University & Associate Curator of Online Projects at the Arnolfini), joined by a panel of  live coders and live artists including Hester Reeve (Live Artist; HRH.the) and Alex McLean (Live Coder; Slub).

This is a Goldsmiths Thursday Club event, but please note the venue is in Kings Cross, not New Cross!

All are welcome, but please register.

‘Live Notation: Extending Matters of Performance’ is an investigation drawing upon the two fields of live art and live coding. The project is an AHRC funded collaboration between Hester Reeve at C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University and Alex McLean in the Department of Computer Science, the University of Sheffield.

Rather than a technological collaboration, “Live Notation” is a philosophical engagement, which aims to support and investigate the confluences between live coding and live art, as well as allow challenges to infiltrate between the practitioners.  For example, live coders may want to consider their own body presence and that of the code they produce as integral aspects of their performance’s value/meaning and live artists may want to consider potential ways of foregrounding the tracking of their actions within a performance and acoustic space making.

This event is a Goldsmiths Thursday Club event, and is linked with the SuperCollider Symposium 2012.